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Emergency Election Update 2016

On Tuesday, November 8th America goes to the polls. The economic impact of this election will be unlike any other in recent memory. It may well decide the fate of the nation. Stocks will either be decimated – or surge into a historic bull run.

Which way will it go? John Thomas – aka the “Mad Hedge Fund Trader” – knows the answer.

For 45 years in the markets, he traded with the likes of George Soros, Paul Tudor Jones and David Tepper. Each of the last 6 U.S. Presidents have considered him a trusted advisor.

The C.I.A. reads every issue of his newsletter.

In the last 3 months he’s up 63%. Now he’s revealing what will happen as Donald and Hillary race for the White House. His forecast is the key to your returns in 2016.

Watch His Emergency Election Briefing Now

Melt up or melt down? You’ll find out which one is imminent. You’ll hear how the world’s Central Banks are coordinating their moves over the next 90 days. Plus the unexpected “crash triggers” that could derail everything. John reveals the “ugly duckling” currency that’s about to pop…

An “investor darling” stock that’s about to implode…

What the future holds for Europe, Japan and China…

Along with the next big moves in Apple and Facebook…

This emergency briefing is a blueprint for what will happen as America prepares for a new Commander in Chief. You do NOT want to take any trades until you’ve watched. So take action now and secure your spot on this one time only webinar.

Watch John’s Election Update Immediately

Right now this briefing is free. But the information inside is pure gold. If you want 2016 to be a banner year for your portfolio – do yourself a favor and check it out now.

The intel inside will not wait for you to “get around to watching it.”

You’ll either benefit from John’s legendary market instincts today – or you’ll be cursing yourself for ignoring them next week. Trust me – you’ve been warned.

Get Your Emergency Briefing While You Can

Seats will fill up fast. Register now and thank me later!

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The Greatest Financial Story Never Told

Intel like this rarely ever leaks outside the inner circles of the U.S. financial and political elite. It’s as jealously guarded as the missing 18 minutes of the Nixon Watergate tapes. That’s why this message is so important. John Thomas – the “Mad Hedge Fund Trader” – is the definition of an insider.

He helped found the hedge fund industry with George Soros, Paul Tudor Jones and David Tepper. Each of the last six U.S. presidents has counted on him for advice and counsel. Even former CIA Director David Petraeus has relied on his expertise.

Over the last 5 years his portfolio has been up 39.19% per year… Over the last 3 months, he’s up a stunning 63%! Now he’s making his most important forecast yet…

Hear It First Hand Right Now <– Click Here

In it, John outlines proof that Wall Street, Fox News, MSNBC, the White House, the Federal Reserve and your must trusted investment newsletters are all lying. They’re all predicting economic catastrophe, and a return to the Great Recession. Some are even calling for skyrocketing unemployment and a stock market collapse to Dow 3,000…

The truth? We won’t hit 3,000 – we’ll hit Dow 278,000 instead!

I know – it sounds crazy. If anyone else was making this call – I’d never have believed it. But it’s not anyone – it’s John Thomas. And that’s not something you can ignore. Not unless you want to be obliterated in history’s greatest short squeeze…

Get All The Details Immediately <– Click Here

You’re about to hear the shocking truth behind the second American “golden age” – and your once in a lifetime opportunity to turn every $10,000 you invest into $5,352,450. You’ll also learn about multiple 10x bagger investments that are set to explode in the coming economic boom. Each of which could double or triple your portfolio.

Just like Baidu which John recommended in 2009… It’s stock rocketed 20-fold from $12 to $240. Or Tesla – which he touted in 2010… The shares soared 18 times, from $16 to $292. Or Cheniere Energy… Which popped 14-fold from $6 to $85.

Unless you want to miss out on returns like that – you need to read this immediately…

Get Your Next 10x Bagger Now <– Click Here

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Don Fishback Honest Option Paycheck | No Hype Review | Get The Facts

HONEST Option Paycheck is a new exclusive advisory service & options trading seminar offered by renowned probability expert Don Fishback – best known for creating the ODDS® Advantage which gives option traders the power to actually control their odds of winning!

Don began his career in 1984 as a commodities broker and soon became Director of Research for the largest options-only research center in the country. Having unlimited access to every imaginable resource put Don light years ahead in his quest for consistent profits.

Then, in 1993… with his mind full of groundbreaking ideas and a rolodex that read like the Who’s- Who of trading innovation… Don left to form his own company dedicated to finding a way to actually control your odds of winning.

It took 3 long years; but he eventually cracked the code and created the “ODDS® Advantage”…

His revolutionary ODDS® formulas enabled Don to control his odds of success so completely that he identified: 76 consecutive winning trades… 96.8% profitable trades in a 6-year independent study… $1,344,000 after-commission profits in just 3 years.

Then, as technology advanced Don continued to develop and evolve “ODDS® Advantage”… earning worldwide notoriety for his low-risk, high-probability income strategies, trading tools, educational materials, and advisory services.

As a result, his commentary has appeared in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, the Financial Times, Barron’s, CNBC, NPR, Active Trader, Business Insider, Investor’s Business Daily, Reuters, Market Watch, Forbes, and other popular publications. He was even cited as an expert on probability and its application to the financial markets in the New England Journal of Medicine!

It seems EVERYONE respects Don Fishback and his unique approach to ‘beating the market’. Today he’s making his latest book available to you absolutely FREE… no strings attached!

When you download this book, you’ll be enrolled into the HONEST Option Paycheck training series!

This exciting training series is a gift to you.  It’s all inclusive…  there’s nothing you need to buy… and there’s no strings attached.

To jumpstart your success, please download your free eBook now…..

==> Beginner’s Guide To Turning Options Trades Into Automatic Paychecks For a Lifetime! – FREE DOWNLOAD

When you subscribe for HONEST Option Paycheck, in addition to detailed entry & exit trade instructions, you will receive these two valuable welcome gifts:

How to Spot 90% Winners Intantly with Your Phone (this document alone is worth the price of membership)

What Are Options… Comprehensive Option Trading Seminar & Online Manual

Trading with two completely opposite strategies gives you the unique ability to continue profiting whether the market goes UP, DOWN, or SIDEWAYS.

==> Beginner’s Guide To Turning Options Trades Into Automatic Paychecks For a Lifetime! – FREE DOWNLOAD

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The Synergy Pattern Review | Will it Really Make You Income?

This is unlike anything I’ve seen before in 30 years of trading…

It’s not an active day trading strategy. It’s not moving you in and out of the market so fast it’ll make you dizzy. In fact – it’s in the market literally 100% of the time, year round. BUT – it’s also not some buy and hold strategy…

When you trade the “Synergy Pattern”, you rotate your portfolio into – and out of – a tiny handful of very specific ETFs precisely every two weeks.

By doing this you position yourself in the ideal asset for EVERY kind of market. It’s produced an average annual return of 50.91% in all market conditions imaginable.

Since mid-2008, this approach has returned a fully documented 2,825%.

Discover How It Works Now

The video will only be up for a few more days.

If you don’t watch it during that window – you will miss out. And to give you a sense of “what” you’ll be missing out on – here’s a trade we took recently with Roger’s system:

On June 1st the Synergy Pattern rotated into EDV at $128.45.

Two weeks later EDV sat at $137.29.

That’s a 6.88% gain in two weeks.

Again – that might not sound like a lot. But I’m not taking that trade with 1% of your account. In this trade you would have realized a 6.88% gain on your entire portfolio.If you’d like to know how to do that…

Watch Right Now

And let me remind you just how massive 50.91% year-over-year is…

Ten years from now, it can turn every $1,000 into $61,260. If you invested that money in an index fund instead – your $1,000 would only be $2,367. That’s a HUGE difference. Only you know how big it would be for your portfolio.

Watch the video right now to find out how it’s being done…

Get The Answer Immediately

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ETF Trading Mastery Strategy | No Hype Review | Get The Facts

I want you to show you four very special charts. They might seem perfectly ordinary to the naked eye. But the truth is, they’re hiding a 145 year old secret pattern in some of the world’s most important financial markets. When you spot it – you unlock safe, reliable returns of 50.91% year over year.

Those are trading profits you can earn while trading precisely once every two weeks. And you can do it without dangerous leverage, or any other high-risk strategies.

Get All The Details Now

Not 1 trader in 1,000 knows about the “Synergy Pattern.” The man who discovered it is a former hedge fund manager who turned $20m into $740m in just 10 years.
Since mid-2008 – when he first start trading it – he’s up 2,825%.

With returns like that, you can turn every $1,000 into $61,260 in ten years. After twenty, your account equity would have grown to $3,752,842. Think about that for a second.

Find Out How He Does It

My friend Todd Mitchell has put together a video series explaining everything. In it he reveals the secret of the “Synergy Pattern” – plus how you can start trading it for yourself. A breakthrough like this only comes along every so often…

Skip this one at your own peril…

Discover the “Synergy Pattern”

The “Synergy Pattern” is part of the new ETF Trading Mastery Program. ETF Trading Mastery promises to teach people everything, from the principles of charting to how to maximize their potential.

Want to learn more?

Read full ETF Traiding Mastery Review Here


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Market Cycle ETF Program Review | Will it Really Make You Income?

The Market Cycle ETF Strategy uses the same principles that large Hedge Funds use daily to make millions in the stock market. With these Bi-Weekly Trade Alerts, you will always know what position to enter and exit and how many shares to trade.

This Simple ETF Strategy Made Over 800% Profit In Less Than 6 Years. The Market Cycle ETF Program only requires minutes of your time weekly.

Here are some of the features of The Market Cycle ETF Strategy:

  • Take all the guesswork out of what to trade, when to trade and how many shares to trade.
  • Proven track record that made over 800% return in the last 5 years and 7 months.
  • Generates entry and exit signals Bi-Weekly in one of only 4 different ETF’s. 
  • Engineered to profit in bull market, bear market and range bound market.

Want to learn more? Click the link below:

Click here for more Market Cycle ETF Strategy info

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How a New Jersey man is making $80,000 a month in today’s market

If you have 4 minutes today… I urge you to watch this 4-minute video.

It explains how a New Jersey man is making $80,000 a month in today’s market… by using an incredible new secret.

He calls it “The 1,000% Backdoor.”

It’s a way to legally bypass Rule 501 – for a chance to make thousands of dollars beginning in the coming weeks, by doing something you’ve probably never seen before. It has nothing to do with ordinary stocks, bonds or precious metals.

Normally, it costs $2,500 to access the details of this secret.

But we’ve arranged to give you a FREE preview through this 4-minute video… which could have a massive impact on your wealth this year.

I don’t make that claim lightly…

The man who developed this secret has been so successful that he’s already been invited on CNBC… MSNBC… and Fox, which means this secret might not be a “secret” for much longer…

Incredibly, he’s already made about $15 million altogether with this thing. Not bad for a guy who used to work at 3 a.m. for a living.

I urge you to click here and have a look while it’s still online.

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How to Make Money Without a Job

While most people worry about money and live paycheck to paycheck, a select group has discovered how to break free of the fear and write their own ticket to success.

If you are willing to pursue what some consider a controversial path, you too could become a member of this group.

If you are looking to make more money, or prepare for a secure retirement, this path could be right for you.

If you’re wondering where the “American Dream” is hiding, you’ll find it here.

Altucher Top 1% Advisory

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New way to pinpoint a trend reversal [eBook]

Stephen Bigalow – known for his unique approach to candlestick analysis is giving away his best-kept secret in this free Book:

Green Flag
Your One True Signal
For Fast Profits

The Green Flag candlestick pattern discussed in this eBook is easier to spot and much more reliable than most of the patterns invented by ancient Japanese rice traders. Bigalow dubbed this pattern the “Green Flag” because it often signals a radical trend reversal… enabling you to buy near the lowest low and sell near the highest high.

I don’t think you’ll find this pattern discussed anywhere else. And it’s definitely worth knowing about.

Click here to download your free eBook today

If you’re new to trading… or if you have yet to realize the success you deserve… the Green Flag could be exactly the kind of jumpstart you’ve been looking for. And, if you already have a trading system that’s working well for you, Green Flag could potentially boost your profits… Why not see for yourself?

Click here to download your free eBook today

But be forewarned. This is a very limited time offer…

So, if you’re too busy to think about anything new right now, click to download the eBook anyway… That way, you’ll have it safely saved on your computer. And you can read it when you have time… even if it’s no longer available online.

As a bonus, you’ll also receive instant access to Cash Bonanza Blueprint for Success [pdf] and power-packed tutorial on specific candlestick reversal patterns proven to earn the greatest option trading profits.

Click Here

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What To Expect For The Rest Of 2016

Have you heard of John Thomas – aka the “Mad Hedge Fund Trader?”

John has as impressive financial bio:

He has worked with the last 6 US presidents, traded with George Soros, helped spearhead Apple’s IPO while at Morgan Stanley, and the CIA actively reads his newsletter–and that’s only a tiny fraction of his long list of credentials!

Why am I telling you this?

Well, John is holding a special webinar in which he reveals “What To Expect For The Rest Of 2016”

Click here to register now

In this webinar, John will cover…

  • The #1 asset class to buy NOW (and why almost everyone is missing this)…
  • How the presidential election is affecting stocks–and how to ensure you’re not caught in a tailwind!
  • The dollar’s destiny: how to plan for currency fluctuations that could make or break your gains in 2016
  • And tons more macro-millionaire trends that could make you a not-so-small fortune this year and beyond!

And the best: It’s free.

Just click here to register now


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