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Trade Live with John Carter and his team | Live Austin Mentorship June 2016

I have a special invitation for you to join John Carter in this very special Live Trading Mentorship coming up in Austin, TX, June 26 – June 28.

John Carter Simpler Options Trading

His team will be talking about the markets. What’s working. What to expect the rest of the year. How to handle the mental side of trading when the volatility explodes.

As you can imagine, these live mentoring events are one of the best opportunities you will get to “check out of your busy life” and focus exclusively on trading for three solid days. In addition, John Carter and his team of traders will be there to answer your questions, look over your shoulder, and tell you “how it really works.”

The feedback on each small, live mentoring event they have done has been amazing. Whether you are a full time trader or just getting started, I believe this is the perfect opportunity to take your trading to the next level. This is going to be our best event yet and I would love to have you be part of the experience.

Take care and good trading!

==> Reserve Your Spot Now

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Wendy Kirkland’s Millionaire Maker Alliance | No Hype Review | Get The Facts

Millionaire Maker Alliance is an exclusive options course, advisory service, chat room community and email trade analysis and review service that uses Wendy Kirkland’s unique and proven hybrid indicator with nearly 95% accuracy.

Membership includes access to a comprehensive options trading course (Manual, DVD & eBook), access to Wendy’s interactive chat room community and access to Wendy’s trade analysis and review service that delivers a trade watch list daily.

PLUS, as an added welcome gift, members will be invited to attend Wendy’s Live Wealth-Building Celebration (non-members pay $2,500). And they’ll receive a complementary recording of the event so they don’t miss out even if they can’t attend.

Offered at two price points, (12 month subscription & lifetime subscription) with a full performance guarantee… Wendy’s Millionaire Maker Alliance provides invaluable insight that traders won’t find anywhere else.

Want to learn more? Follow the link below:

==> Millionaire Maker Alliance Official Website

Who is Wendy Kirkland?

How did an award-winning artist and sculptor who owned an eclectic gift shop in Historic Biltmore Village, end up an option guru? Let’s see…

In 2004 a freak flood destroyed the retail business Wendy and her husband had poured every bit of their time and money into for more than 25 years. Since they had no flood insurance, they lost everything… and were in real trouble. Fortunately, a friend introduced Wendy to options trading.

Desperate to save her family from financial ruin, Wendy started reading books, watching financial news, and taking courses… struggling with the same sort of ups and downs as most new traders. Then one day she stumbled upon a miraculous discovery. By combining two common indicators into one, she created a hybrid indicator that’s nearly 100% infallible!

Practically overnight Wendy was making more money trading than she and Jack had ever made in their store!

Inspired to help other women enjoy the financial security she had found, Wendy started giving onIine classes. And in 2009 she co-authored a book entitled: “Option Trading In Your Spare Time – A Guide to Financial Independence for Women”.

“I feel I was given a second chance,” Wendy said. “So I felt I owed it to society to give back, and help others. And go make a difference”

And that’s exactly what she’s done… in spades!

Get this, undeterred by the title and pretty pink cover of her first book, even more men than women ended up buying it!

When TradeWins Publishing heard about Wendy’s tremendous wealth-building success, they called her right away… which led to 6 more books, trading courses, newsletters, and advisory services.

Written about in Money Magazine, Small Business Opportunities Magazine, and Investor’s Business Daily… Wendy is quoted as saying : “I LOVE that my books have helped so many people achieve financial independence through trading, just like I had.”

But the greatest demonstration of Wendy’s commitment to putting financial security within easy reach of anyone willing to try is Wendy’s Millionaire Maker Alliance… dedicated to turning ordinary men & women into millionaires. And it’s working!

Today Wendy Kirkland is going to walk you through an actual live trade you can potentially profit from IMMEDIATELY…

Want to learn more?

==> Visit Wendy Kirkland’s Millionaire Maker Alliance Official Website Here

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Do this before the currency collapse

Gold & Silver Trend TraderPeople in Sweden are pulling cash out of the bank and hiding it in their microwaves.

It sounds crazy, but when you hear why they’re doing it, you’ll instantly see why this could be the beginning of a massive wave of “gold mania.”

And why there’s 1 thing you can do tomorrow morning that could give you a quick 40% gain — without making any trades or buying any precious metals.

Have a look…

VIDEO PROOF: Gold About To Pop? (And what to do when the war on cash hits home)

Banks in Sweden, France, England and Japan have already started. When banks in Canada and the U.S. jump on board, that’s when things will really get ugly.

Full story here…

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Rebel’s Guide to Options Trading Free Ebook Download

Don Kaufman has interacted and taught over 1.5 million traders and COUNTING in his career…and he wants to show you exactly what he’s learned:

The Rebel’s Guide To Options TradingGet his ebook: The Rebel’s Guide to Options Trading

Here’s what Don gives away inside his brand new ebook:

  • How to use options to be the house because as we know the house always wins
  • How to protect your portfolio from any shock to the markets
  • How to generate consistent returns in the market while minimizing your risk
  • How to put probabilities on your side to win 85% of the time using options
  • How to use high probability options strategies so you don’t have to rely on coin flip returns

This is the first time Don has made his E-Book available.

This free offer is for a limited time and only if you’re interested in learning from a professional trader.

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Why Your Trading is Flawed?

Find out if your current trading strategy is one of the trading flaws that will inevitably destroy your account…

Watch this Free Video Now

Don Kaufman, an 18 year industry insider, reveals:

Is this new video you’ll find:

  • Why Probability is the Law of the Market
  • Does Your Trading Strategy Stand the Test of Time?
  • Why Picking Market Direction is a Flawed Way to Make Money Trading
  • Do You Know Your Probability of Success on Every Trade?

Click here to watch it


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Terrified of Scalping? Try this Free System

Terrified of active trading? The crazy spreads and crushing risk while you’re “superglued” to your chair. But done right, it can be insanely lucrative!

Check out this FREE system that’s doing it the right way.

This high-frequency system is a “genetically-modified” active trading method that CUTS the risk while turbo-charging results. Believe it or not, it’s a jaw-dropping, easy to learn strategy that’s actually FUN to trade.

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PDF Reveals How To Find Great Trades In Bull and Bear Markets

For a limited time, the 30-year trading veterans at MarketGauge are sharing a free report revealing…

“The #1 Indicator for Identifying Stocks and ETFs
That Explode Higher In Bull and Bear Markets!”

You can download it here now, and within 5 minutes…

You’ll discover how professional traders have identified massive trading opportunities for decades, while the average trader is usually doing the EXACT OPPOSITE of what successful pros do! Plus… If you download the report today, you’ll also receive a free tutorial video with examples of exactly how you can use this secret ‘indicator’ to make your trading easier and more profitable!

Tap here to gain access to the report and video

In this free report and video you’ll discover:

  • Which stocks have the best potential for massively profitable swing trades, because this indicator identifies predictable and reliable trends.
  • How to identify the next market leading sector ETFs before they make dramatic moves that create huge trading opportunities in the ETF, stocks and OPTIONS!
  • How to AVOID getting whipsawed by general market volatility, so you can stay in your good trades longer for bigger profits.

  • Which trends you should buy on pullbacks, so you can get into big swing trades early with less risk!
  • How to use this same indicator to anticipate when a stock, ETF or market is dangerously poised to FALL, so you can AVOID painful losses.
  • Which trends you can buy breakouts in, so you can confidently catch explosive moves with amazing timing for trades that yield quick profits.
  • What a $6.5 billion hedge fund thinks of this indicator, and why most traders mistakenly do the EXACT OPPOSITE of what they should be doing right now!

Warning: MarketGauge is only making this powerful training available to their members and a few other invited guests (you) for a limited time, so…

Download it all with this link

As you’ll hear Geoff, the co-founder of MarketGauge, say in the video… The current market conditions are perfect for this indicator and its method of finding stocks and ETFs that will have the biggest moves in both bull and bear markets!

It’s hard to believe they’re giving this away for free

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The World’s Most Successful Hedge Fund Manager’s “Secret Weapon”

Who Else Wants to Discover the Billion-Dollar Trading Strategies of the World’s Top Hedge Fund Manager’s “Secret Weapon”?

The world’s best performing hedge fund
manager with his “Secret Weapon.”

The man on the left in the photo above is David Tepper, CEO of Appaloosa Management – the world’s best performing hedge fund. To his right is his “Secret Weapon” – John Thomas.

How has David Tepper achieved his world-class performance? He is a client of John Thomas, The Mad Hedge Fund Trader… and listens to every word John says.

Here’s why…

For years, John worked “behind the scenes”, making billions for his well-heeled clients like Morgan Stanley. He has called every major turn in the market for the last four decades.

John has had a colorful past. He spent 50 years working as a foreign correspondent, banker, broker, combat pilot, hedge fund manager, and oil wildcatter in the Texas Barnet Shale.

He ran an equity trading desk at Morgan Stanley, and the founded one of the first hedge funds, which delivered a tenfold return for its original investors.

So what does all this have to do with you?

John Thomas now runs the top performing trade mentoring service in the industry. Which means you can now discover his market-slaying secrets… previous available only to John’s $100,000 a year clients… for yourself!

John has spent decades training individuals like yourself on how to achieve financial independence though managing money from the comfort of your own homes.

He rarely deals with the public, and only occasionally takes on new followers.

But today he wants to share with you how to prosper in 2016, in one of the most challenging markets in history.

Invest a few minutes a day, and you can reliably earn money from the markets, whether they go up, down, or sideways.

John is about to reveal some of his most cherished hedge fund secrets… and… exactly how to make money in today’s volatile markets… in a very special online training session coming soon.

Join John for his Global Strategy Webinar where he pinpoints exactly where the easy money will be made, complete with ticker symbols, the back-story, and precise entry and exit points.

Are you ready to discover why the world’s top hedge fund manager listens to every word John Thomas says? Then follow this link to register for this unique online training seminar!

Add John’s 45 years of trading experience to your own, and 80 years when the backgrounds of his senior trading staff are added in… and you have access to some of the most powerful, potentially profitable trading intel available anywhere.

Listen, if you are NOT up +10% so far this year (when the market was down 7%), and up an average of 38.10% over the past 12 months in one of the most challenging market environments we’ve seen in a long time… you are reading the WRONG newsletters or following the WRONG trade mentoring service.


In his powerful new Global Strategy Webinar, John will highlight the lowest risk, highest return trades in:

– Stocks
– Bonds
– Foreign Exchange
– Commodities
– Energy
– Precious Metal
– Real Estate

He’ll only broadcast his views once, so ignore him at your own expense. INVEST ONLY 30 MINUTES OF YOUR TIME and get a handle on how 2016 will play out in every asset class.

Click here to register for the webinar


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How a Texas trader turned $3,000 into $119k in just 3 weeks

I think you’re going to want to watch this video right now…

You’ll discover why a Texas trader’s account is up over 48% already this year, even though we just witnessed the worst January in stock market history. (That’s real money, by the way, with verified account statements to prove it…) Listen, I was more than a little skeptical that a guy in Austin, Texas is able to anticipate these crazy market swings, both up and down.

And then I laughed when I heard his goal is to grow his account to a million dollars this year. I thought…“Good luck buddy! Most traders are getting their butts handed to them right now.” But then I saw this video and found out the trader is… John Carter. I stopped laughing. Don’t worry… He’s not the John Carter from that Disney movie.

He’s the John Carter who made a million dollars… on a single trade in ONE DAY… trading TSLA options in 2014. Does that happen every day? Of course not. It was just a moment in time when his 25 plus years of experience came in handy.

John will be the first to admit that not every trade is going to be a winner. But don’t let his modesty fool you. In fact, I couldn’t possibly list all his trading success stories here. Let’s just say, you’re doing something right when you can even make money when he’s wrong with his strategies (I’ll let him explain how that’s possible another time).

But what’s relevant right now to you and me is this…

John swears that his ‘secret’ is nothing more than a few simple set ups and a basic checklist that he’s perfected over the last 25 years. The key is that he has traded in a LOT of market conditions – and he has learned which strategies have stood the test of time.

You’re going to have to see this for yourself

Anyway, you know I don’t recommend just anyone to you guys. But John is totally transparent about his methods and his results… He trades live in front of his community of traders and shares his account statements. I gotta respect someone who shows his wins AND his losses.

In an industry full of hype, he’s the real deal. That’s why John’s controversial message in this video really got my attention. It doesn’t matter if you trade Netflix, or crude oil, bonds, gold, or Forex… What you’ll see in the next 6 minutes will change how you see your opportunities in the coming 12 months.

You’ll see why 2016 could be a real game changer and offer ideal trading conditions that only come around every 10 years or so. Go check it out now because the part where he shares how to spot major reversals IN ADVANCE is literally priceless.

Oh, and if you ever wished you’d been short during the 2008 stock market meltdown, the early signal John reveals in this video will blow your mind.

That’s no exaggeration.

Get the whole story HERE

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4-Hour Income Strategy | All Questions Answered

Wouldn’t it be nice to earn a faster trading profit? Even better, how would you like to do it while risking as little as possible? Rapid profits with low risk is the ultimate scenario whether you trade to supplement your income or make a full-time living.

Which is why I took immediate interest in an email I just received from long-time trading mentor Todd Mitchell. I’ve learned in the past, when Todd says he has a trading strategy you need to see (especially with what’s going on in today’s market), you get the pen and paper ready.

It’s called The 4-Hour Income Strategy. The 4-Hour Income Strategy is an approach that integrates the bond and e-mini futures markets to create a simple, easy-to-follow method for making consistent daily income. Best of all, it’s a strategy that takes advantage of only the most predictable hours of the day. So you’re not stuck sitting in front of your computer all day.

And because it’s day trading, there’s no overnight risk. So you can tuck in tight at night, knowing you won’t get greeted with an unwelcomed surprise when you wake in the morning. Right now, Todd and one of his trading partners, Craig Hill, are holding several webinars to introduce the 4-Hour Income Strategy.

Register Today for The 4-Hour Income Strategy Webinar

Pay close attention early on in the webinar. When you see the results (and what’s possible for you), you’ll be glad you attended.

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