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Daily Momentum Trader | New Trade Video Plus Six Years of Proof

Adrian Manz just put together a new video to show you how easy it is to trade using his Daily Momentum Trading Plan. Plus, he gives you SIX YEARS of his track record, broken down in extreme detail so you can conduct due diligence on his service.

In the video, he goes through a bunch of trade examples for you:

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When you watch the video, you’ll notice several things:

– Remarkably clear, easy-to-follow trades.

– An incredibly logical method.

– The method’s high level of consistency over the past six years.

Adrian says he’ll also hold live traders’webinars so he can hold your hands and walk you step-by-step through his method. If you have any questions about his methods, he’s always there to help you out.

==> Click here to check out this video

On top of that, he wants to make sure you have everything you need to conduct your due diligence on his trading methods, so underneath the video, he posted spreadsheets giving you.

Year-by-year stats, including total number of winners, losers and break-even trades… overall profitability… profitability by pattern (like the Fast Ball trade)… and more.

You’ll see ALL the trades he recommended day-by-day, broken down by month, with all the details about profitability, returns and more.

He shows you EVERYTHING—the good, the bad and the ugly. I like the fact that he’s really giving us the WHOLE TRUTH about his past performance

==> Click here now to watch the video and conduct your due diligence

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