Steady 2%-4%+ average daily ROI

Daily Momentum Trader | 20 minutes a day, 57% a year

Every night, Dr. Adrian Manz sends his Daily Momentum Trader day trading service subscribers recommendations for five or six stocks to trade the following day.

He tells his subscribers precisely what to do and when to do it: Entry points, trailing stops, profit targets… the works. Everything can be automated using online trading software, such as RealTick or Tradestation II.

The result: Just 20 minutes a day that result in potential profits, averaging around 5% a month—and which haven’t had a losing month in six years.

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In his latest video, Dr. Manz walks you through one of his most popular trading setups, what he calls the Fast Ball. Using real-life examples, he demonstrates how he sets out to skim nickels, dimes and quarters off of trending NYSE stocks every day.

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Dr. Manz is a hedge fund manager and has been a full-time, professional day trader for the last 14 years. In this video, he shows you how day trading can be done successfully, and without the stress of being chained to a computer monitor all day.

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